This ain’t my first rodeo, boys!

Princess SavannahI’m new to WordPress and new to Niteflirt, but definitely not new to the art of seduction and cock teasing. I’ve been a cock tease since I was old enough to know what a dick was for…. and I’m not talking about taking a leak, either. I’m talking about sex and lust, and everything that goes along with it. I’ve known for as long as I can remember that men are the weaker sex… and that’s because even though they like to accuse women of being overly emotional, the truth is that men run their lives by their dick. The cock rules… over common sense, over fear, over every other emotion. And I like to use that to my advantage.

sexybikiniI’ve been around the block a time or two…

I have plenty of experience in not only manipulating men, but getting into their heads… I love a good mind fuck. I know exactly what buttons to push, and what buttons to smash. If you think that you’re ‘safe’ in calling me because I’m younger, well… you’re not. I will have you wrapped so tightly around my little finger, you’ll wonder how you functioned before me. But in the process, I will break you and drain you… emotionally, mentally, and financially. I am a Princess, and expect to be treated like one. I love to get men to do what I want… and believe me, I can get them to do what I want.

Jill of all trades, Mistress of fun

I enjoy a variety of play roles, fetishes, and fantasies. Cuckolding, forced bi, orgasm control and denial, and feminization are just a few of my favorites. Size does matter… so small penis humiliation is right up my alley. And while it may be a teensy tiny bit sadistic *smile*, I even enjoy a little CBT. I’m a certified hypnotist. So if you dare to ask me for a mind fuck session, know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I enjoy having men clean up their mess for me, if I let them cum… by licking it off of a mirror so they can see what they’ve become.

Come into my lair…. if you dare.

Do you think you can handle a Princess like me? I guess we shall see…. if you are brave enough to enter the spider web. You’ll be trapped and caught, but it’s okay… you won’t want to be set free, anyway.

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